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Jun 06

No! It’s sporadic! As in occurring irregularly: occurring at intervals that have no apparent pattern. This describes my blog posting schedule. :)

To a slightly lesser degree, it also describes my raiding endeavors of late. My Friday night team has been plagued with absences related to holiday’s and the onset of summer. This can be expected continue into the fall, given that folks tend to have more of a life outside of WoW when the weather is nice, the kids are out of school, and there’s plenty of daylight.

My Sunday/Monday night team has had similar issues, though to a lesser degree. We’re still wiping on Horridon on a regular basis in large part due to the 10-man normal version of this fight being extremely over-tuned. The number of adds is more than we can handle in spite of everyone being at or above an iLevel of 500. I’m thinking that it will take a majority of our DPS being above iLevel 510 before we are able to down this boss because the adds are far too numerous and they don’t go down quickly enough. The raid damage mounts and the number of adds left alive increases over the course of the fight until people start dropping and the raid falls apart. Granted, interrupts are a big deal, but it’s hard to hit every interrupt when you’re being beat down by a troll warlord. :D It’s equally hard on melee when the mobs are running around dragging them through poop and refusing to stay in melee range. We’re starting to get a handle on it, but this particular boss is on the verge of unseating Bladelord Mel’jerak as the most hated boss of the entire expansion among members of ONET!

I forgot to mention, ONET! is now completely done with Tier 14 Normals and except for farming a few pieces of gear for team members and alts, we’re concentrating on ToT!  Also, thanks to some of these absences, I’ve been working on my DK Tank and I’m geared fairly well for ToES. I haven’t had much luck getting a weapon to drop, so I’m doomed to run ToES in LFR every week until I get a decent weapon or a miracle happens and I get an LFR drop in ToT. :D

Apr 12

Patch 5.3 PTR – Build 16837
Build 16837 will be deployed to the PTR realms soon.

Mage (Forums, Talent Calculator)


This comes from MMO-Champion on 4/12/13. Mages have been hit and miss on the AoE front for quite some time. It’s about time we got a little love. The increase in the AoE cap from 10 mobs to 20 was a good start, but fell far short, considering trash fights like Stone Guardians and Zor’lok.

Apr 10

I’ve signed on with a second raid team that I’ve been watching for some time and the opening they had was for rDPS, so my Mage is stowing her “Will Work For Food” sign and getting back in the game. I ran a couple LFR’s, primarily HoF, this week and I’m not as discouraged as I had expected to be. I’m not topping the DPS charts, at least not consistently, but I am performing on par with comparably equipped Frost mages and I’m outperforming a lot of Arcane mages. (We don’t talk about the one with the RNG cat. :P) I changed my off-spec to Frost and tried out the rotation. It feels lethargic, but that is probably because I haven’t reforged or re-gemmed for Frost. Haste would probably make it feel much better. With that said, Frost was roughly 20k behind Arcane on DPS, so unless it becomes obvious, I’m not investing in that spec just yet. The same limitations are there relative to movement, talents, etc. so given my lack of experience with the spec, I’d most likely be better off sticking with Arcane. I may run some SimC to see if it confirms my dummy testing.

My Warlock hasn’t seen much play since raid, this week, but I logged on to do LFR’s and found myself doing Oondasta instead. Fortune smiled on me for a change and I got a 522 belt for my troubles. :D  That brings my Lock up to 496 and next week, hopefully, I’ll be upgrading my robes and knocking on the dorr for iLevel 500+.

I off-tanked Galleon and main-tanked Sha on my DK and it wasn’t a disaster. I managed to live through both experiences, though it was touch and go a couple times. I managed to pull off some last second cooldowns, giving the healers time to cast their clutch heals and that got me through it.  I’m still not sure about tanking an LFR, but I’m starting to get more comfortable with the idea of tanking MSV Normals. With two toons committed to raid teams, it’s unlikely I’ll get much activity on this toon though.  Still, it’s nice to have a tank for those times when you want to get up close and personal with the boss. :D

Apr 08


This is from our Meljarak kill from March 31, 2013. I’m standing between the bear and the corpse, a.k.a. our fearless leader. :D


And this is from our Jin’Rokh kill. I know it says April 1, but the image is actually from April 7. We did actually kill him on April 1, but he de-spawned before we could get the screen cap, so we killed him again, just for the picture. Notice our fearless leader has his back to the camera. He wanted to get his best side. We’re still undecided as to whether he has a best side, being a corpse and all. :P

We managed to get through the trash for a few attempts on Horridon.  Most guys already knew that more than one lady at a time is a recipe for disaster, and the Tormented Spirits on the bridge are no exception. We ended up pulling the Soul-Fed Construct guy at the end of the first bridge back to Jin’rokh’s room which is fairly easy as long as you avoid the beam he fires at people within a few yards of him. Although it wasn’t planned, it worked well. Then the other bridge is tricky because it doesn’t take much to pull both Tormented Spirits at once. We positioned the raid in the center of the construct area and pulled the first Tormented Spirit. Once she was down, we pulled the second one on the steps and no problems. I haven’t mentioned them, but we were careful to clear out the snakes before advancing to the next set of adds so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed. Then it was just Stormbringer Draz’kil, which was pretty much a tank and spank, then on to Horridon. It wasn’t pretty, but we learned a lot, including that we probably need more gear before our next attempt. :D

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Mar 07

Well, here I am again. It’s been a while, but I don’t think anyone wants to wade through my posts on the various forums I frequent, so I’m going to post my thoughts here. I’m extremely disappointed in the changes they’ve made to Arcane Mages. As I posted on my raid team’s forum thread, the changes feel punitive and petulant in nature. I’m a big fan of the statement, “Just because I’m paranoid, that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me.”

To validate that what they’ve done is pretty much kill Arcane, I ran my mage through SimulationCraft, with the settings at Heavy Movement, and the player skill at Average, ’cause lets face it, we all think we’re great at our class, but most of us are far less than flawless. The end result was 51k DPS. Using the same settings with my Warlock, who is similarly geared, I came up with 89k.

Obviously, movement pretty much kills the class and the best talent, Rune of Power, requires you to stand in one spot and has a decently long cast time, so while you’re refreshing your Rune of Power, you’re not casting damaging spells. While you’re not standing in a Rune of Power, you’re doing less damage and you’re generating less mana. You use blink to get out of the poo, then you have to cast another Rune of Power, because your old one is covered in poop.

We’ve had to learn to live with long cast times for damaging nukes over the years, and I’m not saying I’m the best Arcane mage to grace a realm server in WoW.  I’m saying I was a decent player all through Tier 12, and I was better than average in Tier 13. In Tier 14 I went back to mediocre and since 5.2, I’ve become an abysmal player.

Fun is not working your ass off, keeping track of Arcane Charges, Arcane Power CD’s, Mirror Image CD’s, Presence of Mind CD’s, whether all of your stars are aligned so you can cast Alter Time, when your Rune of Power needs to be refreshed, when your Ice/Living Bomb needs to be refreshed, figuring out whether you have enough time to get another cast off before you have to change targets, and twenty other decisions you have to make regarding a particular boss’ mechanics only to end up with mediocre, middle of the pack, DPS output. We put up with the jokes about Arcane being easy to play because while anyone could get reasonable DPS, it took a lot of work and a knowledge of the spec to top the meters. Now it takes more work just to beat out the tank who is confidently kicking your but on output simply by by stacking vengeance.

Game mechanics have actually evolved to punish mages by constantly forcing us to move, frequently with no ability to plan where or when so looking at the logs, you will consistently see mages with Activity in the 80-90% range and this number gets lower when the mage doesn’t know/has not yet learned the fight. All of the video in the world doesn’t teach you the flow of a fight and when to move, etc. as effectively as doing the fight. At any rate, mages are leaving the Arcane spec in droves for Frost, or for Fire. It’s not that those specs are any less affected by movement, but they haven’t seen the nerf to their primary DPS abilities that Arcane has seen and the subsequent buffs to our Bomb spells was across all specs, so still no love for Arcane.  I just wonder how long GC and company will punish our class and spec before they realize that without our OP status, we really don’t bring anything to raids and we’re back to conjuring food/water, and portals as our only useful function in raids. So much for “Bring the player, not the class.”

Apr 07
Flying Bitchslap

Flying Bitchslap

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